Guiding You Ltd - Talks and Presentations

Short talks and Presentations available for groups and organisations.

Each talk lasts approximately 45mins to 60 minutes. 

To book, just email us using the 'contact us' tab. 


1 "Ladies and Gentlemen, on your right" – Being a Blue Badge Guide



2 The Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu – Walking High in the Peruvian Andes


3 Above the Clouds in – By bus and foot through Western China


4 Tradescant to Titchmarsh – A history of our gardens

5 All the Worlds a stage – Shakespear’s Stratford discovered

6. The Queen and the Monarchy! – More than meets the eye!

7 The English Cotswolds   Tranquility personified

8 I’m Top Dog  -  Origins & meanings of our sayings

9 Hearts of Oak – Myths and  legends from our trees

10 Pews, Pulpits and Poppy Heads – Surprises in our churches

11 Flushed with Pride – the story of the WC!

12 The Silver Cross – The story of our canals

13 Who said that? -  The sayings we take for granted

14  End to End through Israel - Cycling through the Holy Land

15 Olympic Oddesey - The amazing, unfolding story of the 2012 London Olympics












































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