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Coventry Blitz Walk Experience!

As featured on BBC Coventry and Warwick, Central ITV and Mercia Radio

 Ruins of Coventry Cathedral   Searchlights in the blitz   

2017 is the 77th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz

To commemorate this poignant event in the city’s history, in 2010 we launched the first ever 'World War II Coventry Blitz Walk Experience' which continues as a permanent part of our regular tours programme 

Mary Burgess and Harry Waite - Characters from the 1940's

What participants on the Coventry Blitz Walk Experience have said.........

"Thank you very much indeed for the Blitz Walk Experience yesterday morning.  It was excellent in every way: informative, humorous, thought-provoking, and I know  how much participants had got from it. I almost said enjoyed, but that's not the appropriate word when talking about a night like November 14th, 1940. Your tour certainly brings the events of that night to life, and congratulations on thinking of the idea and of putting it together. I only wish it had been on offer before I retired from teaching because, whenever I brought my history club over to Coventry, I always felt that there was a dimension missing, and your tour would have filled the gap".   Mr R W  - Loughborough

"We really enjoyed the Blitz Walk today" Mr A G -Warwickshire

"You opened our eyes to what went on and made us want to find out more"! Thank you for all your efforts in keeping these memories alive - lest we forget". Mrs E R - Coventry

"I was pleasantly surprised to find new stories and angles explored on the tour. It was also very entertaining and it was a really nice touch that the characters adopted were real life relatives of the tour guides. The use of the old photos was especially effective as we were positioned in just the right spot to appreciate how much Coventry has changed. Many of the stories were very moving and the guides dealt with them sensitively and respectfully. Overall I think this was one of the best walking tours I have ever been on (and I have been on quite a few around the world, so to find such an excellent one in the town where I live was a real gem!)" Dr C A - Coventry   

Join our evocative, atmospheric and poignant walking tour of Coventry ’s city centre Blitz locations.  Travel back in time to the night of 14th November 1940, when, during Operation Moonlight Sonata, the city was relentlessly bombarded for 11 hours by the German Luftwaffe.

 ·        See portrayals of those who were there

 ·        Hear true accounts of the destruction and loss

 ·        Hear of the haunting wail of the air-raid sirens

 ·        Discover the city lost to the Firestorm 

The walk experience lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

Available for Group Bookings Only: These are available all year to School groups, private groups, works events, clubs, societies, family and military groups etc., Minimum group size is 15. 

We invite you contact us to book in advance and secure a place for your group.

Payment for Groups accepted by cheque or credit card.

To ensure the very best experience for all on this unique tour, each tour is limited to a minimum number of people and a maximum 30 people.  Please wear comfortable footwear and warm clothing. 

Tell your friends, but remember……….. “Careless talk costs lives”!  

 Group Price £9 per person

Please Click here to contact us to make a booking or for further information.

One free place is offered for Groups booking more than 20 places.  

Payments accepted by any major Credit or Debit Card

  MasterCard accepted Maestro accepted Visa accepted 

Why not combine your Walk Experience with a visit to the indoor Blitz Experience at Coventry Transport Museum.  Open daily 10:00am to 5:00pm Closed December 24th - 26th & Jan 1st


Follow the link on BBC Coventry & Warwick to see a feature on the 'Coventry Blitz Walk Experience' Click here












































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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