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Day 1   London and the Tower 
Ridley Scott’s 2010 film ‘Robin Hood’ was an epic to rival Gladiator and no expense was spared in recreating a gritty vision of Medieval England. In the film, a vividly realistic Tower of London was created from plaster, scaffolding and digital animation.

We enable you to visit the real Tower of London to get an authentic flavour of this brutal period in Britain’s history. This mighty fortress on the banks of the River Thames has been a royal palace, a prison, an execution site, an arsenal, a mint, a keep for wild animals and a jewel house. You can see artefacts from every part of this extraordinary history on a visit. See the crown jewels, awesome architecture, fearsome arms and armour and the spot where Anne Boleyn and hundreds of others met their gruesome end!

Day 2  Windsor  -  Castle, Great Park and Virginia Water
It’s no surprise that Ridley Scott picked Virginia Water for scenes in Robin Hood. Located only a few miles outside London and part of Windsor Great Park, which comprises 1,000s of acres of lush gardens, lakes and woodland.

The Great Park is recorded in Saxon documents as a hunting forest used by monarchs and nobles. Adjoining the royal residence of Windsor
it has evolved over the centuries under the patronage of Kings and Queens. Relax in the ornamental Savill Garden, explore the northern shore of Virginia Water, with its flowering forest and exotic shrubs, and see the award-winning Savill Building with its excellent art gallery.
We pass through Runnymead, where in 1215, King John, adversary of Robin Hood, met with the Barons and signed the Magna Carta and where today memorials stand, not only to that great episode in English History, but to the historic association between Magna Carta and the People of the USA.     
Finally today, we visit Windsor Castle, built by William the Conqueror in 1066 on a commanding ridge overlooking the River Thames, and the home of our many Monarchs since that time. We see the apartments, used regularly by our Queen today and experience the grandeur of the world’s largest occupied Royal Palace.  
Day 3   The rugged and scenic Peak District
We make our way to Derbyshire where a thundering battle scene featuring mounted warriors was filmed in the pastoral valley of Dovedale. Drinkers in a pub nearby were treated to a surprise visit from Russell Crowe. We follow hot on the film crew’s heels and discover this dramatic limestone ravine, famous for its stepping stones that cross the River Dove in this part of the Peak District ( famous for superb walking, riding, cycling and climbing.
We see the village which was the boyhood home and burial place of ‘Little John’ with whom Robin Hood fought for the right to cross a river and afterwards became firm friends. 
Onwards to Newark to see the impressive ruins of Newark Castle where treacherous King John died in 1216. At midnight on 19 October, he perished in agony during a violent storm, allegedly in the south-west tower of the Castle but more likely in the gatehouse. In the Robin Hood stories King John usurps Richard I (Richard the Lionheart) while he is busy fighting in the Third Crusade. Today you can still see the fine Norman gatehouse and the castle’s towers.
Day 4 The Cathedral City of Lincoln
Robin Hood is famous for wearing a suit of Lincoln Green, a dyed woollen cloth of exceptional quality produced in the historic city of Lincoln. Today, this remarkable city with its cobbled streets and soaring cathedral is a medieval must-see. The cathedral is one of the most exquisite churches in Europe and its library has a school book from 1410 with the first recorded rhyme about Robin Hood. You’ll also find a copy of the Magna Carta, signed by King John, Robin’s great adversary.

Lincoln Castle you’ll see the only Victorian prison chapel of its kind and a still operational Crown Court. During the summer months the Castle holds numerous events including medieval jousting and historical re-enactments.  
Day 5   Sherwood Forest & the City of Nottingham
Legendary hideout of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Sherwood Forest is now a National Nature Reserve preserved for all to enjoy. We take a short and pleasant stroll through the forest to see  the Major Oak, one of the oldest trees in the forest and rumoured to be the hideout of the man himself. We can also visit the colourful "Robin Hood - The Movie" Exhibition which traces the roots of the legend in poetry and folklore.
You have the option to divert a little and visit Creswell Crags the system of ice aged caverns that sheltered people more than 50,000 years ago. Creswell Crags was among the most northerly places on earth to have been visited by our ancient ancestors, a story that is unique on a European and World scale. The largest of the caverns here is called Robin Hood Cave and is thought to have been used as a haven for forest outlaws during the Middle Ages.  We take a tour of these magnificent caves and see objects including Britain’s only rock art, ancient jewellery and the bones of prehistoric animals like spotted hyenas and woolly mammoths.
And so to Nottingham, a city which sits at the heart of Robin Hood country, the place to continue our discovery of the world’s most famous outlaw. We arrive in time for a visit to Nottingham Castle a 17th-century ducal mansion built on the site of the medieval castle, once the headquarters of the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham. We see the statue of Robin Hood and the colourful "Robin Hood - The Movie" exhibition which traces the roots of the legend in poetry and folklore.
We allow time for an optional visit to one of the oldest pubs in Britain, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem  which has stood at the foot of Nottingham Castle since 1189 and is thought to have been a meeting point for soldiers gathering before the Third Crusade and a meeting place for Robin Hood and his informers. It is thought that the tales of Robin Hood were told here, helping to spread the word about the legend.
Day 6
Return to London or transfer to local Air and Rail terminals for your journey home. 
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